A commercial kitchen is a busy work environment, and having the right type of flooring is key. Epoxy floors can be applied to the flooring of your kitchen, making it more resilient and hygienic. Not only is epoxy the best way to maintain a hygienic surface in your kitchen, but it offers many other benefits as well.

1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

Epoxy resin provides a smooth surface that’s easy to sweep and mop. Messes are common in commercial kitchens, and being able to clean your floors in minutes can save you valuable time. Epoxy floors are also seamless, which means you won’t have to…

Warehouse owners with concrete floors are usually happy because concrete floors last for years. But they have one complaint, though. They say that the top surface of the concrete slowly wears off over time and produces dust. The lime formation on the floor’s surface leads to the wearing off of concrete. This may apparently seem harmless, but it’s not. Concrete dust, like asbestos dust, is harmful to the respiratory system.

Does that mean you need to replace concrete floors altogether? No. Epoxy floors or epoxy coatings can stop concrete dust permanently. But why do concrete floors become dusty after a…

Installing epoxy coating without sufficient training or experience can cost you much more than you should pay for professional services. Here’s how you can find the best epoxy flooring services

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A carefully planned commercial kitchen flooring has been known to influence the ordering behavior of customers. It plays a crucial part in the overall customer experience and improves the efficiency of restaurant operations. Choosing and installing the right floor is the key to a safe and hygienic production environment in commercial kitchen facilities.

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Covid-19 and epoxy flooring solutions

There has never been a time where the topic of enhanced cleaning has been as relevant as it is now. With COVID-19 quickly finding its way around the globe, it’s more important than ever before to ensure the proper cleaning procedures are being put in place. So, what are the best flooring choices for pandemic Covid-19? Read more at our blog.

Richard Branson once said:

“Take care of your gym members, and they will take care of your gym.”

Even if they do, still that doesn’t mean you as an owner are not responsible. I other words, while you should take good care of your gym members, the responsibility to take care of your gym also lies on your shoulders.

Contrary to popular belief, merely adding new machines and equipment to your gym isn’t enough — at least, not anymore.

These days gym-members want more.

You need to maintain your commercial gym properly, leaving no stone unturned, especially when it comes…

Furniture, wall hangings and light fixtures in restaurants all help set the mood of the environment and establish the type of dining experience your customers can expect. Is your a classy, simple but elegant dining room, a retro-themed diner, or an ornate, luxurious setting? Flooring is an important but often overlooked element in establishing ambience in a restaurant setting.

While flooring serves a very practical purpose in a restaurant setting and needs to perform well under a wide variety of conditions, the aesthetic of a flooring system also goes a long way toward establishing its ambience. With epoxy floor coatings and other fluid applied flooring systems, countless customizable looks can set the tone of your restaurant without sacrificing practicality.

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Concrete resurfacing has become a go to choice for many treatments around the home.

You can find practical and awesome ways to use concrete resurfacing on your property to create truly memorable, comfortable settings.

In this article, though, we want to focus more on the outdoor uses.

Now, you can argue that epoxies are great, but not for outdoor usages.

This was not far from reality 20 years ago.

When the epoxies were synthesized back in mid-1930’s, it was obvious that the epoxide group will cause the resin to be vulnerable to UV light.

As a matter of fact, there…

Today I stumbled upon a post about a DIY epoxy project.

Bridget looks quite happy while coating her garage with Epoxy resin just by herself. (above picture)

So why should we consider hiring contractors to do the job for us?

The fact is that it requires a little bit of hard work and the self-realization that it really isn’t as simple as some companies make it sound.

A quality floor coating requires certain steps be taken to insure a long lasting floor.

Chances are you end up having an epic fail as Heather had:

Many of the DIY projects may…

Its strength as an adhesive can easily outmatch other common glues in the market.

For those of you who are not familiar with this resin, I will shortly define some key features of it.

The chemical formula is sketched below,

The word Epoxy can be traced back to two Greek prefixes “epi” and “oxy”.

Epi means “upon” while the prefix oxy means sharp or acidic.

Various chemical reactions of epoxide, the resin, and polyamine, the hardener can produce epoxy resin.

The wide range of usage of this strong adhesive includes carpentry jobs, flooring, electronic boards and so on.

Its adhesive-ability has been tested and witnessed by millions of people throughout its 100+ years of existence.

And yes, well over 100 years now!

So without further ado, let’s dive into the depth of history.

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Pooyan Sajjadi

Sr polymer scientist, researcher and technical advisor. contributor to scientific and technical journals. Read my Technical Blog @ https://epoxyflooringtech.com

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